About Karina Zilberman


Karina’s pioneering work as a community leader, mentor, educator, singer, and puppeteer deeply sourced in unlocking wonder to improve creative work and community building. She currently heads Shababa Approach training around the world and co-leads retreats focused on self-discovery and collaborative living. Working for over ten years at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Karina brings her background in the arts and soulful leadership to creating “Unlocking Wonder” workshops that makes visible both current and emerging future possibilities.

Karina served as a Cantorial Soloist and clergy assistant at Temple Israel of Greater Miami from 2001 to 2007. Zilberman received the national prestigious 2012 Covenant Foundation Award in excellence in Jewish Education. In 2014, Karina and the 92nd Street Y created the Shababa Network with 52 organizations across the US, Canada, Panama, Chile, Argentina, and Israel. She believes that the world needs more leaders that operate from a “playground mindset” where the unexpected is the main source of creativity bringing out the genuine acceptance of individuals, of relationships and  society. Karina is married to Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein. They live at “La Ecovilla,” a sustainable community in Costa Rica.