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− The Art Of Engaging −


The Art of Engaging Families

Embracing Intention, Fostering Collaboration and Welcoming the Unexpected

This approach will teach participants how to design, lead, and support meaningful intergenerational Jewish experiences, offering an inspiring new conceptual framework for unlocking the magic in Judaism. We will move away from a “pediatric” approach that focuses only on young children towards a multigenerational one that embraces all ages simultaneously.

This training will build skills for deep spiritual work with both adults and children, reframing family programming as an invaluable opportunity for community building. We will delve into concepts such as leading without instruction; why not to “shush”; how to create opportunities for profound and joyful family prayer; and how to shift our mindsets from “playpen,” where everything is enclosed and predictable, to “playground,” where trust and empathy are at the forefront.

We will explore fresh insights that emerge when kavanah is non-negotiable in building multigenerational experiences in order to redefine success. This unique course uses participatory methods that move concepts into action. It is designed for all community rabbis, whether or not family programming is your primary purview. No previous experience working with children is required.


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