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The Art of Engaging

Being engaged means being aligned, passionate and fulfilled. My workshops are experiential with engagement as the foundation. They will provide you with the confidence and tools to become a true change-maker within yourself and your organization.



"The Art of Engaging" workshops will not only challenge your organization and your own current ways of understanding involvement but will provide you with a framework and a toolkit that will help you make the changes that will generate innovative, vibrant and sustainable communities.

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 "Take a Breath" retreats are designed for small groups of seekers and nature lovers looking to take a breath from the treadmill of life and reconnect with themselves. 

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Life Cycles and Rituals

Celebrations and rituals are opportunities to connect with people in gratitude, wonder and with truth. Karina designs and leads each ritual with an exquisite sensitivity, elegance and meaning that empowers presence and participation.

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Karina's concerts are musical experiences that bring people together in song. Her repertoire includes melodies from different cultures and in different languages (Spanish, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino). Each performance becomes a bridge for all generations to cross and meet.

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Let yourself be spiritually, emotionally, and professionally held by Karina's mentoring talents. Taking time to stop, reflect and redirect our life is not a sign of weakness or failure. Instead, it is a wonderful opportunity for empowerment and inner strength. Karina combines methodologies that come from different disciplines including the arts, leadership, Jewish wisdom and mindfulness.



"Karina has a unique capacity to gently invite our own souls to show up so that we can touch the souls of those we encounter."

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