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"Karina Zilberman has been an innovator at 92nd Street Y since she joined the organization in 2007. She is a creative thinker, a team player and a leader. Karina has been instrumental not only in the evolution and success of the programs she led, but also at reshaping the culture of our organization. Working with Karina is a joy. 92nd Street Y is proud to have been an incubator to such a creative leader, and we look forward to celebrating what Karina is yet to develop."

Henry Timms
Executive Director of 92Y, New York

"I have known Karina for over a decade, and have watched her move and inspire countless families, leaders, and other communities with her unique warmth and soulfulness. She is not only talented and engaging and a natural network-builder; she has an ability to unify those around her with a positivity and joyfulness that comes right from the heart. "

Asha Curran
Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact, 92nd Street Y

"Bringing Karina to our community was the single best thing we did to support our teachers in their professional development this year. Karina has the ability to help teachers embrace their power as co-creators of Jewish life experiences for children and families. She gives teachers tools they can use each day in the classroom and helps them unlock their own creativity. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her approach is powerful and accessible for both veteran and new teachers, and every person walked out of the experience filled with inspiration and excitement. "

Stephanie Levin
Chief Engagement and Innovation Officer, Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Foster City, CA

"When I envisioned the weekend, I wanted to put Karina in front of as many audiences as possible so that she could demonstrate the relevance of the Shababa Approach to all ages and demographics. What I didn’t expect was how Karina’s presence would be a catalyst. Because she was able to push our community beyond what I might have thought was doable, she helped me see that they’re ready for more change and newness than I thought. She helped me reflect on how bold I could be in shepherding my community toward a new vision."

Rabbi Shira Wallach
Congregation Shearith Israel, Dallas, TX

"Please continue your awesome work, Karina! The world needs you so much! Your passion is contagious. I was wishing and sent out a prayer into the universe and to G-d that you are able to touch more lives."

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

"It was really powerful and informative to share a day with my team and apply Karina’s teaching collectively. This is challenging me to think about how we will practically apply this at work and we already decided our next staff meeting will be around our ‘why.’"

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

"Karina was amazing. I feel like today helped me to think about changing my perspective. Thinking about ways to engage."

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

"Today’s workshop has been a pleasure -- best that I’ve attended with the Peninsula JCC. I really appreciate that the content of today’s workshop is truly applicable to adults, teens and toddlers."

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

"Karina was an inspiration. Just when I was feeling tired, I felt uplifted."

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

"Today has made me feel refocused and rejuvenated. I enjoyed Karina’s presence, outlook and personality. Watching her work and teach is training and guidance in itself."

Participant from the Unlocking Wonder workshop

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